How do you generate your leads?

All of our leads are fresh leads. We use different online marketing and Search Engine Optimisation techniques find people who are actively searching for your product or service. We drive these people to websites that we own and manage where we capture their “request a quote” details either via an online form, via the phone or in some case live chat. We forward these details on to you to follow up with the customer and close the deal. The leads are distributed in real time (as the enquiry is captured).

How are the leads delivered?

Leads are delivered in real-time (as they are captured) either via Email, SMS, and to your customer portal.

What happens if the lead is missing information? Can I get a refund?

Any lead with incomplete or incorrect details are eligible for a refund. Simply apply for a refund in the leads section of your customer portal. Our team will access the query and decide if the lead meets the criteria for a refund.

What is the difference between your monthly lead packages and your pre-paid leads?

We used to offer a monthly package whereby customers would sign up to receive leads, and pay for them at the end of the month based on how many leads were delivered. These packages have been discontinued.

In order to offer you more control over your account, we now offer prepaid packages of varying sizes. These “bundles” can be requested from your customer portal in the “Invoices” section.

How can I purchase leads?

You can request an invoice through your customer portal. If you have problems requesting invoices in this way, you are more than welcome to email us at info@quickleads.co.za. Please note you will still need to register an account with us before we can send you an invoice.

What payment options are available?

You can buy pre-paid leads via your customer portal and pay using EFT, credit card, cheque card or Instant EFT.

What are the closing rates like? Are the leads good quality?

Some of our customers have been buying leads from us on a monthly basis for over 5 years now. We don’t know their exact closing rates, but they wouldn’t continue buying the leads if they weren’t getting a positive ROI. In terms of quality, all of our leads are fresh, real-time leads and people have taken the time to enquire about getting your service. In the past, we have surveyed random leads to determine whether or not they did purchase the service they enquired about and 90% + had either purchased or intended to purchase in the coming weeks. Ultimately, the lead quality is high, but it all depends on how strong your sales team are and who you are competing against. We strongly suggest contacting leads as soon as you receive the enquiry (within reason, do not call the lead at 2am!).

What happens if my industry is not listed and I want leads?

Simply complete the form on this page. We will review your request and potentially start generating leads for your industry.

What happens if I receive a duplicate lead?

Our system is capable of detecting most duplicates and preventing them from reaching you. If for some reason you do get a duplicate, simply apply for a refund through your customer portal.

How many companies does each lead get sent to?

For most of our industries (also known as campaigns), our policy is to send each enquiry to a maximum of 4 providers unless otherwise specified. We have found that 4 providers gives everyone a fair chance in closing enough business to see a positive ROI and the end user gets a good service. We do have some industries for which we send leads out exclusively (only 1 company at a time receives these leads) but they are priced significantly higher than the others.

What happens if I don't close any deals from the leads?

We strive to develop long term relationships with our customers and therefore we do everything we can to generate high quality, fresh leads. Quickleads would not be in business for long if our customers bought just one lead package and never came back. Having said this, it is up to you to turn those leads into sales. Firstly it is recommended to call each lead almost immediately. If you cannot get through, SMS them. We also recommend using timetoreply.com to ensure that you are getting back to leads quickly and efficiently via email. Speed of response is VITAL when it comes to closing sales. Unfortunately we cannot provide you with a refund for not closing any deals.

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