To quote just one very satisfied customer as an example of what Quickleads can do for your small to medium business – “Quickleads has made a world of difference to my business. It’s a no-brainer.  We went from spending around R 4000 a month to put out ads in magazines to spending just over R3000 a month with Quickleads.  The biggest difference has been the return on investment.  In the first week we had closed deals worth over R230 000! Since then we’ve gone on to close well over R1 000 000 worth of business directly from the leads Quickleads has given us.”

…..And that’s just one client!  Quickleads offers you everything you need to assist you in growing your business in no time, without any expensive start-up costs associated with marketing your business.  All you need to do is buy a lead bundle to start getting real, live, hot leads almost immediately!

Quickleads could not have made it easier, which is as it should be since the team has been hard at work streamlining every aspect of the lead packages they offer customers for over six years already, with their Starter, Basic, Standard and Bulk lead packages that are designed to suit every budget.

The Quickleads team are specialists in online marketing and take all the hassle out of generating new business for yourself, they do all the hard work of managing and optimising marketing campaigns in order to provide you with positive end results in the form of real-time customer enquiries, known to the industry as leads.

Quickleads sets up the websites related to your industry, for example, kitchen installations or solar systems, and then set up various kinds of marketing strategies to drive people to these websites. Once people have made a quote request through contact forms on the websites owned and managed by Quickleads, the quote requests (leads) are processed and sorted by their custom-built lead distribution site.

The custom-built lead distribution system designed by the Quickleads team removes bad leads and then selects up to 4 companies to send the lead to (no more than 4 companies will receive the lead), based on their area of operations and industry, and within seconds, the quote requests are sent to you!  The faster you react to these leads the better they will work for you, especially in this fast-paced world where people quickly run out of patience and move on to your competition!

Take a look at the 25 leads displayed on the Quickleads website, refresh a few times and watch as it happens in real-time, you will not need much convincing about whether or not Quickleads can do fantastic things for your business too!

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