Most people with small to medium businesses are up against stiff competition, right from the beginning, no matter what type of service they offer.

At this point, it’s all about getting the business name out into the marketplace, which is a real challenge when there’s no massive budget for marketing.

Any small to medium business owner has to have customers to start with, but how to get customers to inquire about services offered is a daunting task.

Can print advertising help?

There’re community newspapers or those small leaflets that are dropped into post boxes, but most of these are seldom read. The Yellow Pages no longer exists, which was one of the most useful, inexpensive tools for business before the arrival of the internet.

Does having a business website help to bring in leads?

Google and other search engines have replaced print media advertising, making the search for any service or product as easy as typing in a search phrase online.

Unfortunately, even having a business website is no guarantee at all that enquiries will start coming in with any regularity, or at all for that matter.

Hundreds of thousands of people search the internet daily for services in their area, but, if your website doesn’t feature on first page listings on a search engine like Google, for instance, there’ll be no enquiries.

Spending a small fortune on a tailored online marketing plan to suit your business website will deplete your coffers long before you ever get a bite.

You’ll pay for wasted clicks and views on your website that never lead anywhere, which can be demoralising for anyone striking out on their own.

It’s essential that you do have a business website. Most people are wary of companies that don’t have one, but spending the better part of your start-up costs on online marketing isn’t necessary anymore.

What’s the answer to attracting real leads without tailored online marketing?

Quickleads has the perfect answer to this question!

What Quickleads has done is to break down the financial load of tailored online marketing campaigns for individual small businesses, and offer affordable lead packages in return.

If, for instance, you install palisade fencing, Quickleads sets up a website for your trade and gets to work, driving customers to this website when they’d like to make an enquiry or request a quote.

Quickleads puts their considerable experience in online marketing at your service, using many different avenues of marketing to make sure that the website targeting your trade is listed where it’s easy to find on search engines.

Now you can afford to focus on other aspects of growing your business, while Quickleads focusses on quality lead generation!

Quickleads has designed a lead generation system that gives small business owners a fantastic opportunity to have great online marketing backing them up, while they build up their businesses.

This is proof that small to medium business can enjoy success without massive online marketing costs.

The leads you’ll receive are the result of what happens when customers are driven to the ‘quote requests’ websites owned and managed by Quickleads, then immediately passed on to you.

These aren’t leads that are stale and have been in circulation for a while already.  When they come to you via email and SMS, they’re still hot and fresh.

Quickleads knows exactly how tough it is for any small business to get off the ground without a huge marketing budget, which is why this team does all the work for you behind the scenes.

The end result for you is cost-effective, high-quality leads that land right at your doorstep, while you still have money left in your start-up budget!

Why not give yourself the opportunity to make things happen faster than you could’ve hoped?

Contact Quickleads today to find out more about what their affordable lead bundles can do for you.

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