Quickleads has everything you need to get even the smallest of business off the ground and running, minus expensive costs associated with getting your name out to the world!  The experience this team has in online marketing is invaluable, and they use it to set up targeted marketing campaigns through websites developed by Quickleads to bring leads in, without you having to lift a finger!

Just one of the Quickleads clients went from spending about R 4000 a month on print ads, to spending R3000 on a Quickleads lead package, but, and it’s a BIG but, the difference is the return the client got from this investment!  His return on investment amounted to closing deals worth over R230 000 in the first week!  You are welcome to read the rest of the story on the Quickleads website, but, that pretty much says it all.

However, you get to choose the package that suits your budget with a selection of lead generation packages that include a Starter package, Basic, Standard and then the Bulk package, but what has shown to be true in the 84% of repeat Quickleads clients, is that most will up their lead generation packages as their business grows!

And growing businesses is what Quickleads is all about!  The philosophy of this team is that their success is wholly based on the success you achieve, which means that you can be 100% sure that they will be working like crazy in the background to drive consumers to websites that are developed specifically for your industry!

With hundreds of thousands of people searching for services on the web every day, even without having to spend a fortune on a bespoke marketing campaign for your small to medium company, you will enjoy the same benefits the ‘big’ guys do, and that is to receive hot, live, fresh-off-the-press leads waiting for your response!

The leads generated by the Quickleads system of marketing and sorting system are delivered instantly to your inbox or via SMS, which means that even if you are out on site or busy on an installation, you will be able to respond to the lead right then and there – mobile leads for a mobile generation at its best!

What you are paying for when you create an account online at Quickleads is the delivery of actual enquiries from customers that are in the market right then and there, ready to invest in your services or products!

Many small to medium businesses do not have the budget to set up complicated websites and then add tailored online marketing campaigns that leave them paying for useless visits to their page or clicks that go nowhere, Quickleads gives you the real deal in the form of customers who are still in a buying frame of mind when the lead is delivered to you!

Creating an online account with Quickleads opens a whole new world of possibilities for any small to medium business owner, and if you fall into that category, why not visit Quickleads, or speak to the friendly support team to find out more about how easy it is to start and grow your business without spending more than you can afford!

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