If there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that lead packages from Quickleads are worth every cent paid. Proof of this is that customers have been coming back to this company year after year, for more of the very best leads for small building contractors available!

With a reputation for having already generated over 200 000 sales leads for home improvements contractors and small building contractors, it’s obvious that the recipe used to develop this awesome tool has been flawless.

Having confidence in a company like Quickleads and the quality of leads they produce, is just the ticket for small businesses in an industry that is rife with competition in South Africa.

A lead package from Quickleads gives you the upper hand with competitors, with virtually instant access to real-time leads, especially if you’re quick on the draw and get back to the customer as a matter of haste.

Although the leads generated by this team will go to at most 3 competitors, the speed of your response to the request will determine whether or not you’re the first to close the deal!  

Long term customers will quickly tell you that they have been more than happy to buy their lead bundles on a monthly basis for many years already, which is all the proof you’ll need to take a step towards increasing your turnover in a hassle-free, affordable way.

Here’s what Quickleads does behind the scenes to assist in growing your business:

Slash online marketing costs

Once the team at Quickleads decided to find a way to assist small businesses to grow minus expensive bespoke online marketing campaigns, they did in-depth research into how this could be achieved as simply as possible. The result of this research and the background of this team in online marketing was the birth of affordable leads for small building contractors in South Africa.

Develop online marketing campaigns for specific trades

Instead of forking out a fortune for an online marketing campaign on your own, you’ll be paying for real enquiries that come about due to the work this team does behind the scenes.

This backroom work includes using extensive online marketing experience and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), which is used effectively to drive customers to websites owned and managed by Quickleads. 

On these sites, they find a centralised system that allows them to request up to 3 or 4 quotes for a particular project, whether flooring or solar systems, for instance.

This extent of online marketing experience and in-depth SEO knowledge is worth its weight in gold, especially when measured against the costs of the same for a bespoke marketing campaign.

Simplify access to real-time leads

Everything that has gone into making life easier for Quickleads customers’ shows in the simplicity of receiving real-times leads on the go, so that no matter where you are in the world, your quotes will be emailed to you and sent via SMS, seconds after they’ve been vetted by Quickleads for authenticity.

Place total control of your account into your hands

You are in absolute control over your Quickleads account. This means that you get to select the industry you represent, including whether it overlaps with another trade represented by Quickleads, in which case you spread the good news there too, and the area in which you operate your business, along with contact details.

Over and above this, you can change industries, update contact details and area of operations in a flash, 24/7.

When you reach that awesome place in which you’re so busy you need to put leads on hold, that’s exactly what you can do with your account. Simply pause it until you need to get back on the wagon, no hassle.

Offer affordable lead packages to suit your budget

You may choose to start out with a Starter Lead Package and at a later stage upgrade to the Basic Lead Package as your budget grows, or, best of all, invest in a Bulk Lead Package.

Naturally of course, the bigger the package the cheaper the lead!

Want to know more?

Taking a cruise through the Quickleads website is a real eye-opener for one thing! Here you’ll even get a glimpse into live leads coming in minute by minute or hour by hour, which gives you a perfect window into what you can expect for your investment. Aside from this, the team at Quickleads offers the type of service with a smile that’s rare today. 

What this means is that whether you have one or a hundred questions, you can rely on them to respond in a way you’d expect from a company that goes above and beyond to lead the way to success for their customers!

Go on, give yourself a break and spoil yourself with a lead package from Quickleads, you certainly won’t regret the breather these live leads will give you while rising above the competition!

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