There have been more than enough headaches and stretched bank accounts for any small business since COVID-19 brought to a complete and sudden halt to all activity, without the fact that sourcing sales leads for the future became all but impossible.

The two related industries that have always had a place in the sun in South Africa have been for home improvements contractors and small building contractors, but not this time.

No doubt many small to medium building contractors had work lined up at the time of the hard lockdown, which had to be put on the back burner, however, time to bring in new leads has created a vacuum for future projects for many.

With restrictions easing, any home improvements contractor or small building contractor could well be having sleepless nights about how to bring in new leads fast enough to get up and running again post hard lockdown.

Though the team at Quickleads had no idea a situation like this would develop, never before has their service been in such dire need, and, as usual, they are standing by to assist small businesses to increase turnover at this difficult time.

Quickleads offers trusted, high quality sales leads for home improvements contractors and small building contractors, at a fraction of the cost of online advertising and bespoke marketing campaigns, which is a real boon for any business owner struggling to get back in the game.

What we’re talking about here are real-time leads that are hot off the press, which means that you’ll be receiving instant leads from people who are at that moment in the market for your services, which is really hot stuff!

All you need is an email address and cell phone to start receiving your fresh leads on the go, no hassle, no red tape or jumping through hoops, just simple great service that will get you back into the marketplace before long.

Within split seconds of receiving an enquiry for your services from a potential customer, the team at Quickleads sorts it through a super-fast system to get rid of duds and duplicates, and what you get within the next few seconds is cream of the crop leads.

If you’re in the market for affordable sales leads to get you back to solid ground, signing up for a lead package that suits your current budget is as easy as:

Creating your customer account online

Selecting your lead package

Requesting an invoice, choosing any of the easy payment options available, and you’re in business again!

Quickleads could not have made it any simpler for small building contractors and small home improvements contractors to source great leads than they have, and they’ve spent years refining the process that brings success to their customers, which is what also defines the success of this Quickleads.

By the time you’ve taken a tour of the Quickleads website, you’ll more than likely be chomping at the bit to get in on the action. Since you won’t be locked into any contracts that you can’t get out of, you really can’t afford to miss this opportunity to get your business back on the map again.

Contact the team at Quickleads if you need any help with setting up your account and they’ll respond as quickly as you’d expect them to!


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