Sometimes you work hard at getting leads only to find they fall flat; often they are not what they seem, and you have wasted time and effort in going nowhere. If your lead conversion rates are worryingly low – and you’re not alone, it’s a trait of many a small business – then you need to look at a way of boosting your chances of finding real, likely leads, and at Quickleads that is exactly what we can help you with. As the leading lead generation company in South Africa we are confident we can help you, no matter the area of industry you operate in.

Quickleads works by driving traffic to relevant websites, and then encouraging visitors to put in a simple online request form. The fact the form takes a few seconds to fill in and the service is free means that visitors are likely to comply. What happens next is that we send the quote to a handful of relevant service providers who are registered with Quickleads, and they are then able to go back to the potential client as quickly as they can with their best price.

If that sounds simple it’s because it is, and that really is the beauty of the Quickleads system; you get genuine, potential leads from people actively searching for your services, for a very small price each month. Alternatively, you can choose our guaranteed pre-paid leads, with options on paying for a variety of different quantities. We know that the Quickleads system works because we have many satisfied clients who have already testified to its effectiveness, and whatever industry you are involved in we are confident we can help. Get in touch now for more information, or to discuss your specific requirements in full detail with one of our friendly and helpful team.

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