Let’s start with a peek at just ten of the industries that benefit from the sales lead generation system designed by Quickleads, to get an idea of types of trades already listed:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Painting
  • Roofing
  • Renovations
  • Solar Geysers
  • Kitchen Installations
  • Bathrooms
  • Palisade Fencing
  • Alarm Systems
  • Swimming Pools

Although Quickleads is currently focussing on Gauteng, the demand for the high-quality sales leads generated by this savvy team throughout South Africa is growing by leaps and bounds.

Be sure to check in with the team if you’d like to know what they could do for you in any other province!

Looking at genuine statistics, since opening their new Customer Portal in 2017, Quickleads has enjoyed a 58% increase in new customers and a whopping 84% in returning customers!

That’s unbelievable growth in under a year, to date, giving Quickleads customers an even greater boost in trusting this team to deliver real-time, live and hot leads.

The success enjoyed by Quickleads has a direct connection to the success of their own customers!

It’d be impossible for Quickleads to be this successful if their customers weren’t benefitting hugely from the hard work that goes into generating such high-quality sales leads.

Quickleads works hard to make sure their customers get genuine sales leads well ahead of their competitors, narrowing down the time each business owner has to spend on bringing in leads on their own.

There’re no expensive tailored online marketing costs to be paid, yet the online marketing done for every Quickleads customer is as good as an individually tailored campaign would be.

The result is affordable leads that don’t eat into the start-up costs for any small business.

Bear in mind that you’ll have a team of online marketing specialists working behind the scenes for you, to manage and optimise marketing campaigns that result in leads (enquiries) hitting your inbox via email, or mobile device via SMS.

These leads are sent to you within seconds of being received by the team.

The only moment standing between Quickleads and your inbox is a quick trip through the super-fast lead distribution system to dump bad leads!

Here’s the short version of how Quickleads can help you to grow your small to medium business:

  • Setting up industry-specific websites:

Quickleads sets up websites that are directly related to your industry.

  • Full online marketing:

There’s more than one way to approach online marketing, and Quickleads makes sure that every type of marketing is used to drive consumers to the website that’ll generate your leads!

  • Quote requests websites:

Every time anyone requests a quote on one of the many websites owned and managed by Quickleads, the contact forms filled in become the first step in getting real-time leads to you.

  • Only 3 companies receive leads:

Instead of trying to beat a large field of competitors to a real lead, Quickleads narrows the field down considerably!  Only 3 companies in total, in your industry and area of operations, will receive these well-sorted leads.

The only thing left for you to do is to respond as quickly as possible to the lead so that you get there before the competition has a chance to blink!

  • Real-time leads received within seconds:

From the moment a quote request is made, only a few seconds will have passed before you receive it via email and SMS!

Take complete control of your account; update or change your industry, area of operations or contact details anywhere, any time!

Turn the search for quality leads into an adventure by contacting Quickleads today!

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