If you bought a product that didn’t work, would you buy it again? Not likely; but when you do find something that works, it’s a different story!

This is the kind of trust customers put in the lead bundles provided by Quickleads to tradespeople with small to medium businesses throughout South Africa!

For over six years, Quickleads has had a solid foundation of customers that have been buying lead bundles from this team on a monthly basis, based simply on the positive return on investment they have enjoyed consistently.

Naturally, the success rate of conversion to sales of any lead lies with the business owner, but, when these fresh, real-time leads are acted on quickly, you’ll be the winner.

The sooner you respond to any enquiry sent via email and SMS to you from Quickleads, the likelier it will be that you will be able to convert the contact into a contract!

Competition is tough, and it keeps getting tougher in the online business environment, and anyone caught napping is going to be left in the dust of competitors!

There is enough business for everyone, considering that hundreds of thousands of South Africans comb the internet looking for services every day, but, you need to have great online marketing in order to grab the attention of consumers looking for your specific trade, in their area.

Quickleads takes care of the online marketing once they have set up a website to match your trade, spreading the cost of what would otherwise be too much of an expense for one small tradesman to tackle alone, across others in the same trade.

Quickleads uses different online marketing and SEO techniques to find people who are currently looking for the service you offer.  All the fresh leads delivered by this team are sourced from websites owned and managed by Quickleads.

Once people interested in your service are driven to these ‘request a quote’ websites as a result of experienced online marketing, whether through an online form, a call or live chat, and are vetted, the lead will be distributed to you the instant the enquiry is captured by Quickleads.

In addition to the total control you have over the industries and operating areas you select for your lead bundle from Quickleads, the prepaid packages on offer from this innovative, forward-thinking team make it even easier for you to upgrade to a bigger package, or, if you are getting too busy (which is the fervent wish for you from all at Quickleads!), downgrade to a smaller lead bundle for a while, you simply need to say the word!

Support from the Quickleads team is on par with the exceptional quality of the leads they provide – when you have a question, this team is always ready to respond!

Quickleads is not an overnight sensation, this sales toolkit for small to medium businesses has been around for over six years and they’re going nowhere but up!

This is not about collecting a ton of useless leads and feeding them to you and a couple hundred other people in your trade – you only need to share the leads you receive from Quickleads with up to two other companies – that’s a great head-start if ever there was one!

Find out more about lead bundles that will take a major weight off your shoulders as you work to build your business by contacting Quickleads to find out more about why they already have an 85% increase in returning customers!

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