Quickleads employs various online marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO’s) techniques to source people who are actively searching for a product or service you are able to provide. Our team is committed to providing you with fresh, real-time leads that will only be sent to three other providers in your industry or service related business, offering you the opportunity to beat your competitors to the finishing line with a quick response to the leads.

Our ability to direct people to websites that we own and manage allow us to capture their ‘request a quote’ details, which we in turn forward to your sales team via email and sms, allowing you to follow up with the client and close the deal.

Lead prices vary depending on the industry and package size, however, the old adage holds true in that the bigger the package the less it costs ultimately. Our website sets out the various packages in a format that is easy to understand, as well as simplifying the process of purchasing your package by offering you the option to purchase online, via EFT or to speak to one of our sales team to take you through the simple process.

The success behind the team at Quickleads is that we rely on offering our clients a positive return on their investment and enjoying the service received from our team, which is vital to our survival.  We put everything into generating high quality, fresh leads, in order to keep you coming back to us for more! We are constantly improving our marketing strategies and lead filtering systems in order to offer you the best leads possible for your industry and service.

While we are able to provide you with the freshest, real-time leads, it is then entirely up to you to turn those leads into sales by ensuring that you are getting back to leads quickly, efficiently and professionally. We recommend that you look at using a tool like the one offered through timetoreply.com which will assist you not only with measuring the response times of your sales teams, but just how effectively they are communicating with potential clients, as this plays a vital role in translating leads into sales.

The digital world we live in, with its fast pace, demands that we stay ahead by keeping our finger on the pulse of opportunities like Quickleads to assist with growth in the highly competitive 21st Century, and our team will assist you to keep ahead effectively!

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